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Body Treatments & Massage

The Clarins Sun Glow

The ultimate self tanning treatment for face and body with skin smoothing exfoliation, a deeply pampering application of an award winning self tanner and an all over gorgeous, long lasting, golden colour that looks as natural in winter as in summer. You can even get dressed immediately.

Treatment Time: 1 hour  – £39.00

The Clarins Skin Smoother

Intensive double exfoliation deep cleanses and retextures for a body that’s super soft, supple and smooth. It also helps minimise dark spots and stretch marks so skin looks fresher, brighter and more even toned. The final touch is a deeply conditioning application of body lotion.

Treatment Time: 45 minutes – £35.00

The Clarins Body and Face Skin Smoother

As above plus cleanse, exfoliation and application of serum and moisturiser to the face.

Treatment Time: 55 minutes – £40.00

Clarins Exfoliating and Purifying Back, Neck and Scalp Massage

Back cleansing and deep massage rolled into one rejuvenating treatment that sorts out congested skin and tired muscles. A purifying mask is combined with an exfoliating scrub to deep cleanse, remove impurities and leave the skin super smooth. This is then followed by a relaxing deep tissue massage to the back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Treatment time: 45 minutes –  £35.00

Relaxing Swedish Back and Shoulder Massage

Treatment Time: 30 minutes – £25.00

Relaxing Swedish Back, Neck and Scalp Massage

Treatment Time: 30 minutes – £30.00

Relaxing Swedish Full Body Massage

Treatment Time: 60 minutes – £40.00

Clarins Hot Stone Massage

A new, deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body. The secret is in the intuitive way the therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth, individually shaped, heat-releasing marble and slate stones.

Intensified by a melting honey massage gel, rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils.

Treatment Time: 1 hour 10 minutes – £45.00