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Sports Injuries

Treatment and Management of Injuries & Functional Rehabilitation

A Class Above sports therapy offer a range of soft tissue injury treatments, advice and strategies for self management to help our clients return to their chosen sport or activity. We also offer a variety of strapping and taping techniques including Kinesiology taping. Kinesiology tape can be effective in improving localised circulation, reducing inflammation helping to promote healing.

Functional rehabilitation advice is offered to educate our clients relating to their injury and help reduce the risk of re-injury. Clients play an integral role in the success of their therapy.

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Trigger Point Dry Needling & Acupuncture

A Class Above Sports Therapy offer ‘trigger point dry needling’ and ‘acupuncture’ using a variety of Western and Chinese (TCM) techniques. This method of treatment can be beneficial in the treatment and management of both acute and chronic injuries providing pain relief, and helping to promote recovery.

If trigger point dry needling is diagnosed to be an appropriate method of treatment for you this will always be discussed in full during the client consultation with obtained consent.

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